Obama lost all nuclear codes over night? What a Nonsense!

The fact that the Postillon was badly researched for his articles was well-known. But the hope that this would be a threat to world peace in the newspaper, which appeared since 1845, was not intended.


How else is the following article to be explained?

The Postillon is serious about the fact that the incumbent US President Barack Obama has lost his nuclear suit last night.

To the exact explanation in Germany's biggest lie press they even refer to the Wikipedia entry of the suitcase.


A serious question to the Postillon: Did you read the entry actually exactly?


Because when you look at the details, it becomes clear that the suitcase only contains so-called Go-Codes for different attack options. The actual authorization for a nuclear strike takes place with the Gold-Codes, which are carried in the form of a plastic card by the President on his body.


Maybe just Hillary Clinton lost her handbag ...
Maybe just Hillary Clinton lost her handbag ...

This little detail is not quite unimportant, considering how long Hillary Clinton would have to look in her handbag when the incident occurs. Donald Trump, on the other hand, will always carry the Gold-Codes between his credit cards and is always ready for action.


We can only guess why the Postillon overlooks this important detail.


What will they say next? That Donald Trump despite his election victory calls new elections?


A complaint was filed with the "German Presserat" and the NSA.


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    Andreas (Donnerstag, 10 November 2016 09:23)

    I thought I was at postillleaks.de

    Vom dem Deutsch-Englisch-Mischmasch bin ich jetzt total verwirrt. Ich denke you are ant tattoo artists. Wo auch immer the President has the Codes fuer die Atomraketen, bin ich mir sicher, that the clumsy US President Barack Obama auch diese verloren hat. Vermutlich hat er die bei der Morgentoilette abgelegt, und they have fallen behind the toilet. Wer geht denn schon mit den Codes duschen? Da verlaeuft die Tinte bestimmt doch. Or he accidently ate the Biscuit...

    But what about the aggressive termites? Do you have any information about this "accident"?

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    A. Schwarzenegger (Donnerstag, 10 November 2016 21:12)

    The Terminator is on his way to deal with the termites.